Our Purpose

  • Provide a safe space for youth in the community to be introduced to skateboarding and roller skating.
  • Ongoing Improvements and expansion to the existing Condon Park skatepark, as well as working to create new skateparks in Nevada City, Penn Valley, North San Juan and beyond.
  • Organize events and gain volunteers to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and included.
  • Encourage our community to come together with the common goal of love for skateboarding and roller skating.
  • Cooperate with any and all local agencies, organizations and governments in order to work towards these accomplishments.
  • Organize, promote and operate nationally-sanctioned and locally-sanctioned skateboarding and roller skating contests and leagues.
  • Working with national skateboarding and roller skating sanctioning bodies in the interests of the above.
  • Providing a forum for members in which they may effectively influence the development of the sports locally.
  • Provide access to training for those gifted individuals interested in going pro or competing in the Olympics.

We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, EIN 92-2261403. All the contributions are tax deductible. No goods or services will be provided in exchange for the contribution.