We are Nevada County Skate. We are a nonprofit organization located in Grass Valley, Ca. 

Our mission is to support the local and surrounding areas of Nevada County with funds to make sure our skate spaces are safe and fun for all ages. From toddlers to people still rolling in their 50's and beyond, we pledge to donate every dollar we receive to this cause. Our current mission is to raise money for lights for the new Grass Valley skatepark. After we raise enough money for lights we would like to advocate for seating, a shade structure, pathways, a memorial and more. Although Nevada City is in the beginning stages of development, our goal is to shift our attention over to NC as needed to help with all stages of the skatepark the city has proposed. 

NCS is in it for the long hall. We plan on keeping our presence here in Nevada County even after we have reached our goals. As you know, skateparks need maintenance to remain safe and usable. We will do all we can as a nonprofit organization full of lifelong skaters to ensure our parks stay intact. Thank you for your support of NCS.

Board Officers:

Gus Coronel: Lifelong Nevada County Skater and one of the Original Owners of GoodTimes Boardstore

Vice President & Secretary
Mellissa Jarrette: Dedicated Skate Wife

Sam Andersen: Owner of GoodTimes Boardstore

Board Members:

Cassie Robertson: Dedicated Nonprofit Organizer and Skate Supporter
Hollie Dilly: Lifelong Roller Skater and Owner of Crush
Andy Jarrette: Lifelong Nevada County Skater and manager of GoodTimes Boardstore
Katie Borrego: Lifelong Nevada County Skater
Jaydon Williams: Founder of NCS and Dedicated Skater
Jesse Chedister: Lifelong Nevada County Skater
Taylor Langley: Lifelong Nevada County Skater
Devon Kelley: Lifelong Roller Skater


Nevada County Skate is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Tax identification number is 92-2261403

To learn more about 501(c)(3) nonprofits please visit this link